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OpenTK (August 5th, 2017)

A while back, I decided to try out some 3D programming, in particular dealing with the OpenGL interface. It was mostly a learning experience for me, although I did consider using it for work-related visualization. Below are some images from a test program that took a 2D bitmap and translated it into a flat collection of squares for display. Link to OpenTK

Some Oil Paintings From Earlier (June 29th, 2017)

Just a few small oil paintings I've done, a landscape and a still life.

First Post (May 20th, 2017)

Although I plan to do a fair amount of writing, on various subjects, this particular post is simply to get the gist of the new set-up, and point out the old index, which was simply a guide to the pictures by group, can now be found on the sidebar.

M. E. Gross, 2017