Southwestern Colorado (July 2020)

The Durango narrow gauge railroad had switched from running between Durango and silverton to running a there-and-back along the animas river. We reserved morning tickets for the steam locomotive, and took the two hour ride, which was nice, and the weather remained cooperative. After heading back to Durango (the station was a good 15 miles or so north) for lunch, we headed south to tour much of northern New Mexico.

Our first stop was Aztec national monument, which I honestly had never heard of before we passed through the town of Aztec. The ruin itself was a large settlement in good condition dating from the Pueblo people around 1300 ad. It had a short path through it and an audio tour via the cellphone. On our way out, we asked the ranger there about shiprock, to the west, and he advised us on the best viewing angle and access for that.

We headed out to shiprock, passing into the large Navajo reservation. We approached from the south on the paved highway, and there was an unbarred gate off the road, but being unsure if we were trespassing, we turned around there. Afterwards, we headed back north through the Ute reservation, and eventually through Cortez, and then finally back East to Durango.

In Durango, we ate at a wine and pasta bar in town called primi, which was.. decidedly average. A later dessert from the cold stone creamery across from our hotel mitigated this, although I did have to make the walk twice as I forgot my mask the first time.

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