This trip took place over the course of 15 days. All days and dates given are in local time. Jen provided an account of the trip, mostly written on the day in which the events occurred. I wrote the captions for the pictures and did the HTML, and Nick did the map pictures for us. We had four different cameras to combine into this account, two of which had different aspect ratios. Everything was normalized to 3:2 for the previews (35mm/70mm standard) although the original images have not been reshaped or stretched.

May 24th (Day 1, Syndey Zoo)
May 25th (Day 2, Bridge Climb, Aquarium)
May 26th (Day 3, Blue Mountains)
May 27th (Day 4, Flight to LHI)
May 28th (Day 5, Hiking around LHI)
May 29th (Day 6, Mt. Gower Climb)
May 30th (Day 7, Scuba Diving)
May 31th (Day 8, Mt. Eliza hike)
June 1st (Day 9, Brisbane)
June 2nd (Day 10, Glass House Mountains)
June 3rd (Day 11, Rainforest and Winery)
June 4th (Day 12, 7 mile beach, Natural Bridge)
June 5th (Day 13, Waterfall drive)
June 6th (Day 14, Drive South)
June 7th (Day 15, Flight Home from Sydney)