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We arrived early in the morning, and rented the vehicle and got all the luggage in without any real trouble.  We 
first stopped at a series of cliffs adjacent to a lighthouse, which also boasted a Great Awk statute.  No sign of
anyone else around, although the wind was quite biting.  

After taking a look at some geothermal plants and drilling rigs on the way out, we headed over to a ruined fishing
village, however, we got lost in Grimsvadik, and spent a lot of time on gravel roads.  The ruins themselves were
made of the local stone on a black sand beach type of area, shrouded by mist.  Supposedly a vengful ghost caused it 
to be abandoned, but there was nothing spooky whilst we were there.

Leaving that, we headed to the famous Blue Lagoon spa (and geothermal plant) where we soaked quite enjoyably.  Hair
was a bit worse for the experience, but we left right as the emergency team had to pull someone out...

Everyone was somewhat sleepy by this point, but we decided to take the long route to town, heading through the
national park, stopping at a sulphur springs.  From there, we drove along a black sand-rimmed lake, before heading
into Reykjavik which was something of a challenge to navigate, as the Icelandic seemed to have a habit of naming 
streets several different things at once.

We walked about the town for a bit and had some fresh fish at the local cafe.  Water smelt somewhat of sulphur, but
otherwise tasted fine.  As the sun broke through at last, we went and visited the huge cathedral at the top of the 
hill.  We turned in around 9:30 pm, even as it continued to be broad daylight.

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