Northern Tennessee (May 2023)

Our flight out of DFW was delayed by roughly an hour, presumably due to weather, although it was definitely due to the incoming jet arriving late. The flight itself was short (2 hours) and relatively easy. Once we landed in Nashville and picked up the rental car we... took a detour into one of the parking lots due to the cell phone navigation getting confused. The ticket readers going out were mostly down, so that cost us a good 15 minutes. From there we headed to a restaurant who's name I don't recall (Something lounge?) which had reasonably decent food. It was either a very late lunch or a rather early dinner. After a short trip downtown to see the Parthenon replica, we then headed to the hotel, and took the rest of the night easy, with a short visit down to the pizza joint built into the hotel for some beers and fries.

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First Full Day of the Trip